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Confusion is Next: 2004-2011
October 16, 2012

CONFUSION IS NEXT started in Feb 2004 in Monza (Italy) founded by two teenage guitarists Matteo Radice and Lorenzo Nocerino. The name was taken from a Sonic Youth song. After some months of writing and rehearsing  the band was joined by drummer Fabrizio “Bicio” Pontiggia in November 2004 and thus played its live debut as [...]

CIN hiatus and break up
April 4, 2011

Hi to all
this is Matt from CONFUSION IS NEXT or, as I should say, what *were* CONFUSION IS NEXT.
In October 2010 our drummer Bicio announced us his general unhappiness with his tenure in the band, talking about personal problems and music related stuff as reasons because of which he wanted to leave. On top of [...]

Confusion Is Next updates and new lineup!!
August 24, 2010

It’s actually been a while since we posted somthing here, and some things are really changed since one year ago when “the generation of this order” was released.
First of all, the music track we composed in Feb 2009 and recorded at undeRecords Studio in a live take in March has been [...]

CIN speech @ Copyleft Festival 2009
September 13, 2009

It’s the day of the F1 race here in Monza. The noise of the cars arrives thru my windows since I live in the nearby of the park where there is the circuit. Meanwhile, far away from here still in Italy, Arezzo, there’s the Copyleft Festival. Today the compilation “Il paese è iperreale” is presented [...]

Another compilation! The Nation is Hyperreal!
September 9, 2009

It seems lots of things are happening around our new release “The Generation Of This Order” and its songs.
Beside the first reviews getting in, another copyleft compilation features our song “Graffiti” in their tracklist.
An italian production, “Il paese è iperreale” (translated: the nation is hyperreal) is a compilation of copyleft music bands and artist from [...]

Buy THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER @ AfMusic for 3.90 Eur!!
September 9, 2009

AFMUSIC released CONFUSION IS NEXT’s third album “The Generation Of This Order” on August 3rd 2009 in two versions: the free downloadable one (as on Trastienda Netlabel, with CIN starting a series of future collaborations between this two labels) and the DELUXE ONE. You can buy this version in two file formats: FLAC or 320Kbps [...]

CONFUSION IS NEXT, new SHOOTING AT THE SUN version on AFMUSIC 50 + ”Graffiti” on blocsonic vol 23!!
September 9, 2009

Hi everyone!
I know this are old news, but had to share with you on this blog. In July, for all you slackers under an umbrella on some beach, mighty Mike Gregoire put out a new blocsonic volume, number 23: WE INVENTED THE COMPILATION. In the booklet you can read a really interesting viewpoint on how [...]

July 2, 2009

Here it is, finally, our new release “THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER”, on Trastienda Netlabel.
We have even a slightly different logo, featuring an ouroboro, a really special symbol.
Here it is, the link!
It is now available on Jamendo too!
We hope you’ll enjoy it, it’s exactly one year that we wrote “Graffiti” and here it is, opening [...]

CONFUSION IS NEXT releases new album THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER / More compilations to come!
June 28, 2009

Hi to everyone!
After recording sessions in the first weeks of May and mixing/mastering session till the beginning of June, we are proud to announce our new album “THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER” is ready and soon will be available on a number of web sites for free under Creative Commons license. It will be released [...]

CIN in studio! Recording new release, The Generation Of This Order !!
May 2, 2009

Hi to everyone,
here’s your Matt Confusion aka Teo, tired from a day of studio session.
Yeah with this phrase I officially annonunce that Confusion Is Next is in recording process. And this officially states that soon we will have a new release out. So let’s say it in the correct way.
Although the release date is still [...]

CIN out on Ekleipsi Netlabel Valentine’s Day compilation!!
February 1, 2009

Hi everyone!
I still dunno how many-if-any readers of this blog there are, but I hope I’m not wasting my time in writing this.
Everything is fine here in Monza, we are rehearsing and writing and doin’ stuff. Today I’ve opened my Twitter account which will be used mainly for the band purposes, so check me out [...]

CONFUSION IS NEXT featured on netBloc Vol. 19: Doctorin’ Ur Tastz
December 11, 2008

Hi people, this is Teo again.
Today we received word that finally Michael Gregoire released vol 19 of his might netBloc series, a compilation series containing the best of the netlabel scene. We have been contacted by Michael in the first days of November and he said us he wanted our song “The River” to be [...]

A CIN new blog, new song on youtube
November 26, 2008

Hi guys, Matteo here.
I’m the singer and the guitarist for the alt rock band Confusion Is Next, we’re from Italy, and so on.
We’re opening this space to keep in contact with those who could be interested in some ways to our band, news, what we are working on, and stuff like that.
We had other blogs [...]