Confusion is Next: 2004-2011

CONFUSION IS NEXT started in Feb 2004 in Monza (Italy) founded by two teenage guitarists Matteo Radice and Lorenzo Nocerino. The name was taken from a Sonic Youth song. After some months of writing and rehearsing ┬áthe band was joined by drummer Fabrizio “Bicio” Pontiggia in November 2004 and thus played its live debut as a 3-piece in December 2004, with a setlist entirely composed of original material. With the addition in January 2005 of bassist Giuseppe “Pinno” Pinnavaria the band was finally complete.
In June 2005 CONFUSION IS NEXT recorded its first “demo” – later referred as a first mini-album – “Spread The Spirit”, a 7-songs, 33 minutes long grungy cd-r captured live, mixed and mastered in a single 8 hour session @ Frequenze Studio (Monza) by Matteo Agosti. This cd-r was distributed freely by the band at their concerts in a simple colored paper sleeve (hand numbered!) and it was available for free downloads at their website. Pure DIY naive approach!
The band started have a little following among friends and the first reviews started to appear.

In September 2005 CONFUSION IS NEXT was writing a new batch of songs already,
moving its style to simple noisy grunge rock to more complex structures and experiments.
Even though this new material was played live in late 2005 gigs and extensively during 2006, the core of the new project, called “Lost in Dark Days”, was not really complete until autumn 2006. An unreleased session from that period was used by CONFUSION IS NEXT to decide which tracks record in a second demo session, with the intention of trying to get an indie deal for a record.

In January 2007 CONFUSION IS NEXT recorded in a couple of days 4 songs for their new demo with Francesco Agostoni @ Frequenze Studio. The demo was sent to several italian indie labels but none of them answered back. Meanwhile a community of grunge bands in the Milan area started getting together, playing and organizing shows. This culminated in June 2007 “The Garden” festival, an 8 hours open air concert featuring 10 underground alternative rock bands.
In October 2007 “Spread The Spirit” was re-released by spanish net label Trastienda, starting CONFUSION IS NEXT adventure in the realms of Creative Commons music.

This led the band to decide to finish the “Lost In Dark Days” album and release it on netlabels. In april 2008 CONFUSION IS NEXT recorded the last 4 tracks for the album with Guido Fioravanti (still at Frequenze Studio) and released it on Trastienda and italian Ekleipsi netlabel in May.
The album was well received and well reviewed by several webzines and blogs, some of the tracks got featured in various copyleft compilations. In June 2008 the second (and last) edition of The Garden festival took place, re-organized in a two day show featuring 10 of the best bands of the stoner/grunge Milan scene.
In october 2008 after Sonic Youth concert in Milan the band handed a cd-r containing all their tracks to drummer Steve Shelley, happily surprised that the band was called after a SY song.
As the downloads of “Lost in Dark Days” kept rolling, the album and the song “Blue Roses Box Letters” were nominated as one of the best net audio release and best songs of the year on Magazine.

By the end of 2008 the band had already new songs ready. The style of the band had evolved into progressive/grunge with long songs and heavy sounds; the guitarists started to use open tunings extensively. In early 2009 the band got contacted by german AfMusic net label about the release of their third album. CONFUSION IS NEXT completed and rehearsed the 5 songs for the album in their new personal rehearsals space they shared with other grunge bands.
In March 2009 the band composed and recorded the music for spoken poetry track by italian artist Lois The Voice. The track, named “In cielo il prigioniero” (In the Sky, The Prisoner) was featured on Lois’ album “No”.
In May 2009 the band entered in the home studio of Matteo Magni (then named Truckstudio, today Magnitude Recording Studio) and recorded in 4 days “The Generation Of This Order”, described by the band as “A 5 songs, 30 minutes long journey thru sonic nights, white venetian masks and dark shadows”. While the album was available as free download on Trastienda by July 2009, a deluxe digital version was released in August by AfMusic featuring a bonus track and two digital booklets with arts and behind the scenes from the writing process and recording sessions.

The album was presented by liner notes from Mike Gregoire (of and Barry Rogers (founder of LostChildren net label). It received very good reviews and a good amount of attention, while the tracks got featured in some net audio compilation. As the year was ending the band was growing tired of the long, complex songs and wanted to return to a more stripped down sound.
Some days after a successful live gig in January 2010 bassist Giuseppe Pinnavaria left due to tension regarding his commitment to the band. He was quickly replaced by Lorenzo’s brother, Marco.
The band started rehearsing with its new member and new songs started to appear. After a couple of gigs played as three piece, Marco debuted live with CONFUSION IS NEXT in spring 2010. As the band played gigs the writing of the new material continued. Plans for a new EP release were briefly discussed.
In october 2010 drummer Fabrizio announced his intention to leave CONFUSION IS NEXT, citing poor attendance to live shows and general disappointment with the band. The four members agreed to try to solve things until the end of the year.

In December 2010 CONFUSION IS NEXT played their last live concert. It was the last time they were all together. Fabrizio confirmed leaving the band and the three others decided to stop the band completely. Plans were made to record a last 4 track EP (named simply “Confusion Is Next”) and give a farewell concert in spring 2011 but they all vanished due to general disagreement among the members. They’re still friends.


Matteo went solo as “Matt Confusion”, changing his style to blues and releasing his first solo album in 2012, named “Songs in the Night”.

Lorenzo joined grunge band Overdose as they changed their name to Sunset Noise. The band split up and he went on playing with a Foo Fighters tribute band, “Back and Forth”.

Marco stopped playing for a while, gigging occasionally with improvised jam band Kombat Wombat, featuring members from a number of bands from Milan alt rock scene.

Fabrizio continued playing with his other band, rock’n roll act “The Rogues”.

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