Confusion is Next: 2004-2011

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CONFUSION IS NEXT started in Feb 2004 in Monza (Italy) founded by two teenage guitarists Matteo Radice and Lorenzo Nocerino. The name was taken from a Sonic Youth song. After some months of writing and rehearsing  the band was joined by drummer Fabrizio “Bicio” Pontiggia in November 2004 and thus played its live debut as a 3-piece in December 2004, with a setlist entirely composed of original material. With the addition in January 2005 of bassist Giuseppe “Pinno” Pinnavaria the band was finally complete.
In June 2005 CONFUSION IS NEXT recorded its first “demo” – later referred as a first mini-album – “Spread The Spirit”, a 7-songs, 33 minutes long grungy cd-r captured live, mixed and mastered in a single 8 hour session @ Frequenze Studio (Monza) by Matteo Agosti. This cd-r was distributed freely by the band at their concerts in a simple colored paper sleeve (hand numbered!) and it was available for free downloads at their website. Pure DIY naive approach!
The band started have a little following among friends and the first reviews started to appear.

In September 2005 CONFUSION IS NEXT was writing a new batch of songs already,
moving its style to simple noisy grunge rock to more complex structures and experiments.
Even though this new material was played live in late 2005 gigs and extensively during 2006, the core of the new project, called “Lost in Dark Days”, was not really complete until autumn 2006. An unreleased session from that period was used by CONFUSION IS NEXT to decide which tracks record in a second demo session, with the intention of trying to get an indie deal for a record.

In January 2007 CONFUSION IS NEXT recorded in a couple of days 4 songs for their new demo with Francesco Agostoni @ Frequenze Studio. The demo was sent to several italian indie labels but none of them answered back. Meanwhile a community of grunge bands in the Milan area started getting together, playing and organizing shows. This culminated in June 2007 “The Garden” festival, an 8 hours open air concert featuring 10 underground alternative rock bands.
In October 2007 “Spread The Spirit” was re-released by spanish net label Trastienda, starting CONFUSION IS NEXT adventure in the realms of Creative Commons music.

This led the band to decide to finish the “Lost In Dark Days” album and release it on netlabels. In april 2008 CONFUSION IS NEXT recorded the last 4 tracks for the album with Guido Fioravanti (still at Frequenze Studio) and released it on Trastienda and italian Ekleipsi netlabel in May.
The album was well received and well reviewed by several webzines and blogs, some of the tracks got featured in various copyleft compilations. In June 2008 the second (and last) edition of The Garden festival took place, re-organized in a two day show featuring 10 of the best bands of the stoner/grunge Milan scene.
In october 2008 after Sonic Youth concert in Milan the band handed a cd-r containing all their tracks to drummer Steve Shelley, happily surprised that the band was called after a SY song.
As the downloads of “Lost in Dark Days” kept rolling, the album and the song “Blue Roses Box Letters” were nominated as one of the best net audio release and best songs of the year on Magazine.

By the end of 2008 the band had already new songs ready. The style of the band had evolved into progressive/grunge with long songs and heavy sounds; the guitarists started to use open tunings extensively. In early 2009 the band got contacted by german AfMusic net label about the release of their third album. CONFUSION IS NEXT completed and rehearsed the 5 songs for the album in their new personal rehearsals space they shared with other grunge bands.
In March 2009 the band composed and recorded the music for spoken poetry track by italian artist Lois The Voice. The track, named “In cielo il prigioniero” (In the Sky, The Prisoner) was featured on Lois’ album “No”.
In May 2009 the band entered in the home studio of Matteo Magni (then named Truckstudio, today Magnitude Recording Studio) and recorded in 4 days “The Generation Of This Order”, described by the band as “A 5 songs, 30 minutes long journey thru sonic nights, white venetian masks and dark shadows”. While the album was available as free download on Trastienda by July 2009, a deluxe digital version was released in August by AfMusic featuring a bonus track and two digital booklets with arts and behind the scenes from the writing process and recording sessions.

The album was presented by liner notes from Mike Gregoire (of and Barry Rogers (founder of LostChildren net label). It received very good reviews and a good amount of attention, while the tracks got featured in some net audio compilation. As the year was ending the band was growing tired of the long, complex songs and wanted to return to a more stripped down sound.
Some days after a successful live gig in January 2010 bassist Giuseppe Pinnavaria left due to tension regarding his commitment to the band. He was quickly replaced by Lorenzo’s brother, Marco.
The band started rehearsing with its new member and new songs started to appear. After a couple of gigs played as three piece, Marco debuted live with CONFUSION IS NEXT in spring 2010. As the band played gigs the writing of the new material continued. Plans for a new EP release were briefly discussed.
In october 2010 drummer Fabrizio announced his intention to leave CONFUSION IS NEXT, citing poor attendance to live shows and general disappointment with the band. The four members agreed to try to solve things until the end of the year.

In December 2010 CONFUSION IS NEXT played their last live concert. It was the last time they were all together. Fabrizio confirmed leaving the band and the three others decided to stop the band completely. Plans were made to record a last 4 track EP (named simply “Confusion Is Next”) and give a farewell concert in spring 2011 but they all vanished due to general disagreement among the members. They’re still friends.


Matteo went solo as “Matt Confusion”, changing his style to blues and releasing his first solo album in 2012, named “Songs in the Night”.

Lorenzo joined grunge band Overdose as they changed their name to Sunset Noise. The band split up and he went on playing with a Foo Fighters tribute band, “Back and Forth”.

Marco stopped playing for a while, gigging occasionally with improvised jam band Kombat Wombat, featuring members from a number of bands from Milan alt rock scene.

Fabrizio continued playing with his other band, rock’n roll act “The Rogues”.

CIN hiatus and break up

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Hi to all

this is Matt from CONFUSION IS NEXT or, as I should say, what *were* CONFUSION IS NEXT.
In October 2010 our drummer Bicio announced us his general unhappiness with his tenure in the band, talking about personal problems and music related stuff as reasons because of which he wanted to leave. On top of that, he was “tired of spending lots of money for everyone except for himself”, and was blaming my vocal style for the small attendance at shows.
This lead to a 3 months period during which we tried to meet his feelings – lending him money, talking about small changes to be done to the music we were working on.

Finding a new drummer and starting over was not an option: Lorenzo, the other founding member of CIN, said it would have been too much an hassle to start thing over again, as he too was discouraged by the state of the alt rock local music scene and low number of live gigs we played in the last months. Our bassist instead talked about changing musical footprint to the band, going towards a more of “spoken word kind of Sonic Youth song”. We all agreed that if the 3 months trial would have been unproductive, it was over.

In december, while the band was making near future plans, Bicio announced he was determined to leave. We played a gig on December 15 and split up, planning to meet again for a last 3 or 4 songs ep financed by me and Lorenzo only (as the other 2 have refused to pay for it) and one last concert, sometime in 2011.

To this very day the talk about this last session has nothing set up, we scheduled to be recording in May but it will not happen. I don’t know if this last EP will ever come out. Some of us have not met at all since our last gig.

So, it’s really sad to say, but our band is over. I hope I’ll write you soon about those 3 or 4 “lost” songs for the EP – it’s really good material we were working on for months – but I can’t really say what will happen.

I want to say thanks to every “internet fan” (and “non-internet fan”) that has downloaded – and to those who will download ‘em in the future – our self produced albums. I have always been convinced – and I am STILL convinced – that the power of netlabels it’s simply a new form of the DIY attitude that indie record labels had 25 years ago, and it’s really sad no one apart few are actually aware of this.

I will return soon with a new solo project, as Matt Confusion. It will be really different from CIN, but I hope you will take your time to enjoy it.
Spread the Spirit my friends,

Matt Confusion.

Confusion Is Next updates and new lineup!!

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It’s actually been a while since we posted somthing here, and some things are really changed since one year ago when “the generation of this order” was released.

First of all, the music track we composed in Feb 2009 and recorded at undeRecords Studio in a live take in March has been released in January 2010 as a single from the various artist project by poet  Lorenzo “Lois The Voice” Balducci in collaboration with many musicians.The album is named “NO”. The track features our music and italian poetry by Lois, and it’s named “In cielo il Prigioniero” (can be translated as “The prisoner in the sky”). You can listen it here
We had the chance to work in a really different way from what we do usually and we used this occasion to work more on alternate open tunings we created especially for this song.

As Feb 2010 Giuseppe “Pinno” Pinnavaria is no more our bass player, for band’s internal reasons. We played a great gig at the end of Jan but things fell apart rapidly shortly after.
Our new bassist since Feb-March 2010 is Lorenzo’s brother Marco Nocerino. He was already really close to the band and our interests so it was a natural choice. We performed a couple of gigs as a 3 piece as we were in the moment of the transition. We played some really good concerts with our new line-up so we are actually really thrilled.
This change has contributed to a change in our setlists too, which features more new material and shift away from the “generation of this order” based setlist we played thru all the past year.

These new (and not so new) songs are reflecting the direction the band is taking by now, if you ask me. Away from the complex and dilated tracks as “anemones and elephants”, we are getting back to a more stripped down, energic type of music with strong focus on interesting hooks and concise assault.
Nothing has been decided yet, no future plans for now: just writing, reharsing, and playing live as soon as the autumn steps in.

CIN speech @ Copyleft Festival 2009

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It’s the day of the F1 race here in Monza. The noise of the cars arrives thru my windows since I live in the nearby of the park where there is the circuit. Meanwhile, far away from here still in Italy, Arezzo, there’s the Copyleft Festival. Today the compilation “Il paese è iperreale” is presented to the media + press. We were invited to take place to the discussion about creative commons and copyleft music, but some issues here at home prevented us to go @ the festival. Instead, I mailed a short speech to be read during the discussion. Here it is, both in the italian and translated version.

“My name is Matteo Radice, playing  in an alternative rock band since 2004, another one you may say, here in Italy. We’re called CONFUSION IS NEXT. We may talk about difficulties of getting known as a band here in Italy, about the large amount of indipendent rock bands, about club owners, about the very little crowd atending the shows, but it would be just searching for “the guilty one” in a really complex and multifaceted situation.
Instead, let’s talk about an opportunity. An opportunity which, in my opinion, gives fresh air to many indie situations here in Italy and in the foreign countries, and a new strenght to a band like us. Let’s speak about creative commons music, spread via netlabels.
There are hundreads of them, probably. People know little about their work and consider netlabels “simple internet websites”, where many of these netlabels are in fact active as little indie labels. The world around copyleft music is huge and complex.
Productions are at many levels, from “basement demo” to “perfect studio album”.
Sel-production is the most common way not only on netlabels but also on the majority of indie labels albums, at least in Italy now.
Back to netlabels, even here in Italy there’s a great spread and creation of music distributed with this new media, the mp3 licensed via creative commons.
This is a new support and new distribution way based music revolution, as happened in the past with  45 rpm singles and 33 rpm albums. The media used to carry the information and its advantages influences distribution and creation of the music itself, touching both the labels and the artists.
But large quantities of music does not mean overall quality, obviously. Listeners are submerged by an ocean of suggestions and info coming directly from the artists with no “filter” to distinguish great products from the others. Blogs, reviews and users’ advices are an helpful hand, but how can we talk about a copyleft music scene in Italy if it’s fragmented, “sprawled” and hidden all across the internet?
Elctronic music communities are doing something about it, getting united and trying to offer the right space to every artist to be found and heard (Nettare, an italian electro music project). But Indie Rock is still bound to rivalry and divisions between the bands, struggling for an elusive audience and an elusive record contract, contracts that many times are not so good.
It’s necessary in my opinion to estabilish of an Italian Netaudio Union, composed of netlabels managers, bloggers, podcasters and artists, to have a vision and a listen of all the quality copyleft music, perhaps thru a webzine styled website, as the german .
Goal of the community is to give an idea of how huge and prolific and TRULY INDIPENDENT the italian netlabels scene is, so it won’t be considered “B Class Music” anymore, instead it would be recognized as a new way for music production and distribution. A distribution which does not exclude a “commercial way”: hybrid examples are widely recognized over the net, as the german label / netlabel AFMUSIC to which me and my band are signed.
Finding about netlabels and all these new oppurtunities in 2007 has given to me and my band mates a real sensation of artistic freedom, not caring about styles and market preferences, embracing “self production” as our preferred way, caring about the “musical content” and not the music market issues. Who is already involved with the italian netaudio knows each other due to chatting on blogs or music collaborations. Getting united is a required step, it’s revolutionary and it’s here to be taken.”

(and here it is the original italian version:

Il mio nome è Matteo Radice, dal 2004 impegnato in un gruppo alternative rock, e direte l’ennesimo, qui in Italia. Ci chiamiamo CONFUSION IS NEXT. Potremmo parlare delle difficoltà di emergere in Italia, della quantità di gruppi rock indipendenti, dei gestori dei locali, del poco pubblico, ma sarebbe solo un “trovare un colpevole” in una situazione complessa e dalle molte sfaccettature. Parliamo invece di una opportunità. Una opportunità che, a mio parere, ha dato nuovo respiro a molte situazioni indipendenti in Italia e all’estero, e, in un certo senso, una nuova spinta a un gruppo come noi. La musica in creative commons, via netlabel.

Ne esistono a centinaia forse, di queste cosiddette netlabel. La gente sa poco sul loro operato e li considera “semplici siti internet”, quando invece alcune di loro si presentano attive come vere e proprie piccole etichette indie. Il mondo che gravita attorno alla musica “copyleft” è vasto e altrettanto complicato. Le produzioni sono varie, e i livelli di qualità oscillano dal “demo in cantina” a “un disco perfetto”. L’autoproduzione al giorno d’oggi è la via più comune non solo sulle netlabel ma anche nella maggior parte delle uscite discografiche indipendenti, almeno per quanto concerne il nostro paese.

Tornando alle netlabel, anche in Italia c’è grande diffusione e soprattutto realizzazione di musica distribuita poi con questo nuovo mezzo, l’mp3 in creative commons. Questa è quindi una nuova rivoluzione musicale basata su un formato e su un nuovo tipo di scambio di musica, come è successo in passato nell’industria discografica per l’introduzione del disco in vinile a 45 giri, del 33 e così via. Il supporto e i suoi vantaggi influenzano la distribuzione e la realizzazione stessa, dunque la diffusione della musica, di chi se ne occupa come etichetta, di chi la scrive e la interpreta, cioè gli artisti.

Grande quantità purtroppo non significa che la qualità sia uniforme. L’ascoltatore si trova immerso in una marea di informazioni provenienti direttamente dagli artisti e non ha nessun tipo di “filtro” che gli indichi i prodotti realmente interessanti, come in teoria dovrebbe succedere nel “mercato discografico”. I blog, le recensioni e i consigli di altri ascoltatori sono indubbiamente un notevole aiuto, ma come si può parlare di una scena musicale copyleft italiana se è frammentata, sparsa, nascosta in giro per la rete?

Le comunità di musica elettronica già stanno facendo qualcosa a riguardo, unificandosi e cercando di offrire a tutti lo spazio adeguato per essere trovati (l’esperienza italiana di Nettare). Ma il rock indipendente rimane ancorato alle rivalità, alle divisioni fra i gruppi che si contendono un fantomatico pubblico e altrettanto fantomatici contratti, spesso non proprio allettanti.

E’ necessario quindi a mio parere l’istituzione di una unione del netaudio italiano, composta da gestori di netlabel, blogger, autori di podcast e artisti, che fornisca una visione e un ascolto di tutto il materiale di qualità distribuito in copyleft, magari anche attraverso una sorta di web-magazine, come l’esempio tedesco di .

Scopo della comunità sarebbe dare un’idea di quanto vasta e prolifica e VERAMENTE INDIPENDENTE sia la scena italiana delle netlabel, in modo che essa non venga considerata una sorta di “musica di serie b”, bensì un nuovo modo di vivere la produzione e distribuzione musicale. Una distribuzione che non preclude le “possibilità commerciale”: esempi ibridi sono presenti in rete, come la label / netlabel tedesca AFMUSIC della quale io e la mia band facciamo parte.

La scoperta delle netlabel e di questa nuova opportunità ha dato a me e ai miei compagni nel 2007 una reale sensazione di libertà artistica, di non doversi preoccupare di stili e preferenze del mercato, di abbracciare l’autoproduzione come via preferenziale, di badare al contenuto musicale e non al “contenitore”. Chi di noi si occupa di queste cose in Italia bene o male si conosce, per una chiacchierata su un blog, per collaborazioni, per stima reciproca. Unirsi è un passo necessario, rivoluzionario e alla nostra portata.”

Another compilation! The Nation is Hyperreal!

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It seems lots of things are happening around our new release “The Generation Of This Order” and its songs.

Beside the first reviews getting in, another copyleft compilation features our song “Graffiti” in their tracklist.

An italian production, “Il paese è iperreale” (translated: the nation is hyperreal) is a compilation of copyleft music bands and artist from Italy involved somehow with Subterra Netlabel & Webzine and the free internet radio “Radio della Riserva Indiana“. The aim is simple: expose the quality and variety of the italian copyleft music scene to music fans in Italy (and outside), gettin’ them aware of a really indipendent music scene lying in a real and deep underground. Translated from the official liner notes:

“Hyperreal means illusion becoming more real than reality.  Still underground, a big world is alive and around the copyleft concept it is connecting and experimenting new radical experiences of music production and knowledge share. If “indipendent” still has a meaning, it can have it only here. This compilation exist to promote this world. Listen to the music of these artists and if you like them download their music, share it and buy their records.

A different look on nowadays italian underground. Hyperreality concept is borrowed from french philosopher Baudrillard’s thoughts about postmodernity. 22 songs for 2 immaginary cds, eclectic sounds taken from the italian “indie rock” hotpotch.”

The comp title refers to a similarly titled compilation appeared on the “real music market” some months ago with the intent of showing the italian indie scene. Problem is: featuring many indie artists which are already well known among rock fans, it was saying nothing new, not expanding both “indie” and “mainstream” listeners’ knowledge about indipendent music in Italy. This copyleft compilation instead aims to get the media attention on netlabels and netaudio scene, at least in Italy.


It will be presented to the press @ Copyleft Festival sunday 13th Semptember, in Arezzo.

Buy THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER @ AfMusic for 3.90 Eur!!

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AFMUSIC released CONFUSION IS NEXT’s third album “The Generation Of This Order” on August 3rd 2009 in two versions: the free downloadable one (as on Trastienda Netlabel, with CIN starting a series of future collaborations between this two labels) and the DELUXE ONE. You can buy this version in two file formats: FLAC or 320Kbps mp3audio. But what does it offer? Downloading directly from AFMUSIC web store you get:

- FLAC or 320 KBPS mp3 audio, improving the sound quality of the album;

- A bonus track, not found in the free download version;

- the “Black Book”, an hi-resolution pdf booklet with 13 additional artworks (if you like the cover of the labum you’re gonna love these exckusive images!)

- the “Red Book”, another hi resolution pdf booklet filled with live and studio photos, recording session diary and details, info about the songs and the album…for more than 30 pages!

The album is obviously available at amazon, itunes and so on… but only in AFMUSIC webstore you get all these things! The price is 3.90 eur – if you really liked the album, consider buying it. It would allow us to produce the next one even better!

YouTube Preview Image

CONFUSION IS NEXT, new SHOOTING AT THE SUN version on AFMUSIC 50 + ”Graffiti” on blocsonic vol 23!!

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Hi everyone!
I know this are old news, but had to share with you on this blog. In July, for all you slackers under an umbrella on some beach, mighty Mike Gregoire put out a new blocsonic volume, number 23: WE INVENTED THE COMPILATION. In the booklet you can read a really interesting viewpoint on how self production free available music and compilation (and blogs and so on) could evolve in the near future. Read it, ’cause Mike has bright ideas on how doin’ some marketing and still keep the blocsonic series free and fresh. Anyway, Mike wrote an article on his blog suggesting his readers our new record where himself is present with some brilliant liner notes. We are featured on this compilation with the fresh opening track of “The Generation of this order”, “Graffiti”. I guess Mike liked it!

August 7th was Falk Merten’s birthday!! Happy b-day Falk! Falk is our mentor @ our official label AFMUSIC, and to testify the endless activity of Afmusic since 2008, he decided to preserve number 50 from the releases catalog to put out with the Afmusic gang and bands a compilation featuring many unreleased and exlusive tracks! We are there too, with a fabolous overdubbed-orchestra rendition (programmed by our guitarist Lorenzo) of “Shooting at the sun”. In the end, a special “loop-edit” crafted by me (oh, the sixities tape loops… brought in the digital age!)

Check out this two comps cause they are free and they offer you brilliant music for your ears!


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Here it is, finally, our new release “THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER”, on Trastienda Netlabel.
We have even a slightly different logo, featuring an ouroboro, a really special symbol.

Here it is, the link!

It is now available on Jamendo too!

We hope you’ll enjoy it, it’s exactly one year that we wrote “Graffiti” and here it is, opening our new work. Really kind words have been already spent on it by Michael Gregoire and Barry Rogers, and I want to thank them to have used their time to listen a still kind of unofficial version of the album, freshly out of the studio, and having written their impression so fastly to allow CONFUSION IS NEXT to package their liner notes with the release. We hope you’ll enjoy this version and decide to help us buying the deluxe one on Afmusic next month. Price will be low, 3.90 euros : soon youtube clips will show you what are the special features.

flyer trastienda

Now our DIY advertising campaign begins.  : )

CONFUSION IS NEXT releases new album THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER / More compilations to come!

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Hi to everyone!

After recording sessions in the first weeks of May and mixing/mastering session till the beginning of June, we are proud to announce our new album “THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER” is ready and soon will be available on a number of web sites for free under Creative Commons license. It will be released by Trastienda Netlabel and AfMusic in free versions, and in a digital deluxe version you could buy only from Af Music webshop.

The deluxe version will feature better sound quality, 1 extra track and two pdf booklets called the Black Book and the Red Book. The black one will contain some exclusive artworks and the red one will contain photos, studio diary, inner info about the songs, stills from the recording sessions.

the tracklist for the free version is:

1. Graffiti

2. Leaves

3. Anemones and Elephants

4. Lichens On The lich Gate

5. Logora Worn

Liner notes for the album by Michael Gregoire of and Barry Rogers of Lost Children Netlabel.

“Graffiti” will be also featured on the next blocsonic compilation coming July 7th. Af Music too is going to release a special compilation for its 50th release (congratulations!) featuring a very very special orchestra remix of “Shooting At The Sun” from our previous album “Lost In Dark Days”. The comp will be releasedin the beginning of August.

“THE GENERATION OF THIS ORDER” will be available on Trastienda netlable around July 1st and on AfMusic on August 3rd. It will be uploaded on Jamendo shortly after the release on Trastienda Netlabel, and you can start listening to it on from tomorrow.
The album will be available also on Itunes and other similar web stores.

CIN in studio! Recording new release, The Generation Of This Order !!

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Hi to everyone,

here’s your Matt Confusion aka Teo, tired from a day of studio session.

Yeah with this phrase I officially annonunce that Confusion Is Next is in recording process. And this officially states that soon we will have a new release out. So let’s say it in the correct way.

Although the release date is still unknow, we are proud to announce our next release, “The Generation Of This Order”. It’s the result of almost one year of work in our rehearsal space, a tiny room with a particular “scent” of cigarettes’ smoke, sweat, beer, humidity and sometimes mold (in the xmas days it smelled also of candies and cheap champagne).

It will feature 5 songs, with different influences from those heard on “Lost In Dark Days”.

It will be released on Trastienda Netlabel as usual but also on AFMUSIC netlabel & digital label, as a new partnership between these german guys and us, CIN. So it will be available as a free download on creative commons licens – as usual, but also in a special digital version thru AFMUSIC webshop in better audio quality, some extras like an exclusive pdf booklet with more artworks and photos and some inner info about this release.

Official liner notes will be written by two recently revealed CIN fans, Michael Gregoire of & Barry Rogers of Lost Children Netlabel.

CIN out on Ekleipsi Netlabel Valentine’s Day compilation!!

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The comp cover. Bloody!Hi everyone!

I still dunno how many-if-any readers of this blog there are, but I hope I’m not wasting my time in writing this.

Everything is fine here in Monza, we are rehearsing and writing and doin’ stuff. Today I’ve opened my Twitter account which will be used mainly for the band purposes, so check me out @ … follow us!

So as the title goes, Ekleipsi 2nd compilation (after 2007 Halloween’s one) is here to be discovered and downloaded, it’s called “Valentine’s Heart – A compilation for a (nec)romantic day” and it features ehm, well, a real heart under some kind of liquid on the cover.

A part from these tasty details, we are featured on the compilation with the most sweethearted song we have recorded by now, “Shooting at the sun”. Ok the title is not so well promising, but the goal of this compilation is surely different. No lil’ heart-shaped pieces of milk chocolate but obscure feelings and dark sexy rythms.

“Valentine’’s heart is a unique romantic presents for your flame: 11 songs from our best artists to put your feelings in music, with the best obscure romantic songs you could wish for.”

Oh, a lil’ word from me to you: there are actually some surprises for you coming from CIN really soon… I prefer not to say too much, wait a couple of days and more details will come out!!

Download the compilation, and have a safe-loving-under the bedsheet fun!!

CONFUSION IS NEXT featured on netBloc Vol. 19: Doctorin’ Ur Tastz

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Hi people, this is Teo again.

Today we received word that finally Michael Gregoire released vol 19 of his might netBloc series, a compilation series containing the best of the netlabel scene. We have been contacted by Michael in the first days of November and he said us he wanted our song “The River” to be in his next volume.

So, we want to thank Michael very much for his beautiful work. The comp features really cool graphics and really neat sound quality, not to talk about the interesting music selection!! So go download it and download also the forty-something (or fifty, this time? can’t remember) pdf booklet featuring a small interview with us and this really original description about CIN and “The River”:

“I can’t help but think of these guys as an “indie-rock” Iron
Maiden. They’ve got the dual guitars and a prominent bass
guitar sound which you’ll definitely notice in this great track.
Once again… Italy shows us they can ROCK.”

It surely sounds uncommon for a band like CIN (we are usually compared to other noise eheh) but it’s a really fresh and as always welcome opinion!!

So, here’s the link where you can find the compilation:

netBloc Vol.19: Doctorin’ Ur Tastz

as well as the blocsonic page:

Here in Monza, near Milan today it was snowy and stormy. Pretty much a dark day. And you know, we love to be lost in dark days.

A CIN new blog, new song on youtube

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Hi guys, Matteo here.

I’m the singer and the guitarist for the alt rock band Confusion Is Next, we’re from Italy, and so on.
We’re opening this space to keep in contact with those who could be interested in some ways to our band, news, what we are working on, and stuff like that.

We had other blogs in the past but this is gonna be way more serious and updated and also in english, so whatever place you’re from we can keep you updated.

We were used to do this kind of things on our website but we are not updating it very often (ok, never) and it’s only in italian. This blogspace kindly offered by the mighty guys of Jamendo it’s way better than myspace crap.

You will read about our projects, new songs, worthless things, I’ll keep you aware of what we are doing if you really give a lil’ fuck about it. Not sure about it, anyway.

We will post also translations from reviews and comments we are receveing for our release “Lost in Dark Days”, news about our inclusion in the next compilation, thigs like these…

So here’s the first interesting link: a video taken from our last performance, with a new opening track, named “Graffiti”.


YouTube Preview Image